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Founder and Lead Investigator Erik Hall

Lead Investigator and Founder of The Independant Paranormal Society, Erik Hall has studied the Mysteries of the Occult and unexplained since 1995. He has been interested in the paranormal since his adolescence. Often seeking area's that most consider spooky or haunted in hopes of seeing a spirit.

Having traveled all over the states and being born in Iceland, Erik has known many cultures and places. Some of the places,indeed eerie. He started to get more serious about paranormal phenomena in 95' when he was living in the rural parts of Utah. Having heard of the Native Ute's tribal lands and various "spooky stories" he began to study the paranormal and the occult. Both in books and in the field. From old houses, to abandoned ruins, to caves that were rumored to be haunted, he sought after the truth to the tales.

After watching "Ghosthunters" on SciFi and networking with other investigation groups he become inspired by the works of The Atlantic Paranormal Society. Seeing the use of objective science as the only true path to being taking seriously in a pioneering field. He decided he wanted to follow in Jason and Grants footsteps(the founders of T.A.P.S.) and start his own non-profit organization devoted to the discovery of truth.

He first founded T.I.P.S. in Dubuque,IA in 2003 and ran the non-profit organization covering all aspects of the duties to make it work. The first Branch of T.I.P.S. had a small crew of four individual investigators. T.I.P.S. ran for his two year stay in Iowa till he moved to Grand junction,CO.

Now Erik has put forth the time and personal funding necessary to start another agency in the Western Slope area of Colorado.

As Lead investigator His job entails knowing every aspect of the paranormal investigators job, including networking skills, leadership abilities, Field investigations and Case Management. He has a deep knowledge of the occult. But more importantly he has a keen understanding of the science of today,one that is needed to objectively find the truth behind paranormal claims.